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…But You Can’t Take the Girl Out of Queens

Growing up in Queens, my brother and I worked hard to neutralize any New York accent that was fighting hard to filter in from our dad’s side (Brooklyn) and my mom’s (The Bronx). Thank goodness for Sesame Street and The Brady Bunch, where we learned not to drop our “r”s or lean too hard on our short consonants.

But here I am, still in Queens, raising fourth generation New Yorkers. So while I’m here, I’m happy to be writing for Queens Mamas, a site which showcases the best of the borough for families looking for things to do, people to meet and great stuff to eat.

Recently I posted a quasi-crafty article on there listing ways to wrap without using wrapping paper. Not exactly borough-centric. For the holidays, I wrote a piece about where Queens families can volunteer and donate locally, and involve kids at any age. And for those staying in the city over the school’s holiday break, I put together a round-up of the 12 Days of Christmas Break Activities.

Thanks for reading friends!


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