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Level 42

Today is my birthday. So, you know, I got to sleep in (albeit in my son’s bed) and I only had to issue two time-outs before sending the kids off to camp. I used the good sh!t in the shower (though someone ought to let Fresh know that their ungrippable bombs of soap are apt to cause more injury than freshness). My daughter packed my lunch – a ceramic robot with an angular heart taped to the coin slot (nothing in, nothing out). I “forgot” it at home and traipsed to the corner deli for flaccid sushi.

Stress over a birthday outfit? Not at this age. Just zip myself into a onesie and go to work!

Stress over a birthday outfit? Not at this age. Just zip myself into a onesie and go to work!

See, I turned 42. So there isn’t really a reason to make this birthday the best thing ever. Social media is giving me lots of warm fuzzies today and my office mate trucked in goodies from Doughnut Plant. The kids are looking forward to handing me gifts my husband bought for me (oh please lord, let it be headphones) and showering me with more art when we all get home. Apparently there is a some kind of technique involving sunscreen where, if you spray it on your marker drawing of a rainbow, it bleeds through magically to the other side. I’m so glad I spent the extra money on the brand containing helioplex.

Hanging over my head this birthday is the stress of throwing my son’s birthday party this coming Sunday. This is the first party we’re having for him. I never bothered with parties for my kids before they turned 4. Did they have friends before then? Or just playmates their mother chose for them based on which other moms she wanted to hang out with who also had kids? I’ve lined up some entertainment and secured our building party room but I have been in denial about the rest of it. Cake, crafts, candles that still have some wicks left…those will all just magically manifest day of, right?

There is just something about me that hates party planning.

So I leave with you some lyrics from LEVEL 42’s “Something About You” because I would like to think they are about me, today, at age 42.

These changing years

They add to your confusion

Oh and you need to hear the time

That told the truth

That there is something about you

Baby so right


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I Know What Girls Like

ImageI just have no idea what these things are.

Happy birthday to my #1 girl. Cultivating a culture of kooky-cute in our lives for 6 years.


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Birthday Prep

Spent two hours today putting together 29 goody bags and arranging art supplies for the craft project I’ll take her fellow first graders through for my daughter’s birthday tomorrow. Celebratory food is not allowed but parents are permitted to lead the class in a half-hour activity.

Last year (when edible goodies were still allowed), Charlotte trucked in the brownies I made (from a mix) but neither of her parents were able to make an in-class appearance. I didn’t hear the end of that until I told her I could come in this year. Thankfully, my current work schedule allows it.

I hope I make her proud and the craft doesn’t suck. At $75 for supplies, it better not.

How do you make your kid’s birthday special?

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3 is the Magic Number

I think De La Soul said it best.

Happy 3rd birthday to my boy!

Cake sold separately.

Cake sold separately.

So far I’ve celebrated by spiking my coffee with Nesquik. It can only get better from there!

3 years ago today. The shock is just beginning to wear off.

3 years ago today. The shock is just beginning to wear off.


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WTF was that LAST Wednesday?

My daughter’s 5th birthday.  That’s what.

Happy birthday to angel-for-a-day (trust me, it will never be more than that), Charlotte!

So, I didn’t get to post about anything weird I have crammed into the nether regions of my closets.

But today, I present to you THIS:

Got 1.5 year old milk?


Yes, that would be milk I pumped and froze back in May.  Of 2011.  It bums me out because if I had acted sooner, I could have donated it to a milk bank.  But I think, like hoarders of things without as much nutritional value, I’ve been holding on to this like I’ve holding on to the baby Campbell no longer is.  I stopped pumping when he turned one, in July 2011, though he continued to nurse til he was two.  That stopped this past summer.

And we could really use the freezer space.

What are YOU holding on to that your children have clearly outgrown?





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