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Where Can You See My Stuff?

I’m a writer/producer/director. (And a full-time working mom, so I am one of the most efficient people you’ll ever work with.)

This place was great for my words but not great for media, and I make TV. I want you to read the words I write, of course, but I also want to be able to show my moving picture stuff.

So here’s where to find:

Branded Video Content!

I’ve written, directed, and produced promos and branded content. I’ve overseen all aspects of creative on commercials and content marketing projects, from both the client and production sides. I’ve won awards, wowed advertising partners, and helped boost network ratings. See it all on my reel.

Humor Writing!

Reductress. The Belladonna Comedy. Scary Mommy. Six-Word Memoirs on Jewish Life.


I can be found on the digital pages of Self and The Mary Sue.

Parenting Writing!

I’m a contributing essayist at Romper. My service pieces have appeared in Queens Mamas and FamiliesGo!

TV & Film!

I was the co-executive producer of the documentary series, In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod. It aired on OWN. I also made a bunch of short films and was a script supervisor in NYC for many years on indie features.




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It’s Been a Minute

I have not tended to this space for quite some time, but it’s been for a good reason. I love my blog, but I’d rather get paid to write. So, for the past two years, I’ve been a paid contributor to Romper and it’s been a wonderful outlet for me to yap about:

For those who’d love to see all my pieces on Romper in one place (I know who you are… Mom), visit here. I roll out about three pieces a week, so there is always new content to check out.

And yes, I still have my day job, creative directing video and editorial for Content Marketing teams.

Thanks for stopping by! I know you’re busy, but I also know you love procrastinating by poking around the internet, so I’m glad to help you with that.


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