As a full-time working mom, raising fourth generation New Yorkers, I write with the conviction that the suburbs are no place to grow a family.   I develop, write and produce for TV and film, and my proudest productions are my daughter and son.  I am in blissful denial of a work-life balance.   A reformed Type A, I enjoy the simple pleasure of leftovers, preferably those cooked by someone else.  Though my husband and I don’t own a car, I’m kind of awesome at parallel parking.

Maybe you’ve read some of my stuff on Romper, or Scary Mommy or Reductress. Or perhaps you have a copy of this book.  I wrote six words on page 66. I also have an essay in this HerStories Project anthology, published August 2016.

Watch some commercials I made.

Follow me around on Twitter: @LizaWyles


6 responses to “About

  1. Di

    Welcome to the world of the mama blogger. It’s fun.

    Keep it up.

  2. Loved reading your blog– thanks for finding mine! Being a working mom is wonderful, exhausting, and comical, and you’ve managed to capture all of those feelings in your blog. Glad to know I’m not alone.

    • Thanks! I echo that sentiment about being glad there are others on this whirlwind of a ride. How did generations of working parents before us survive without the interwebs??

  3. Hi Liza,
    I’m enjoying your blog. Your humor sure comes out. Your kids are totally adorable. Thrilled for the chance to see them and to read your work. ndk

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