Boring Conversation Anyway

If you know your Star Wars, you recognize today’s post title to be a line of Han Solo’s after he, Luke and Chewbacca breached the security station to the prisoner holding cells.

It is also what I have heard myself saying in my head on more than one occasion recently. Not with friends or family, but with those I find occasionally making small talk. I used to get a little positive charge from exchanging pleasantries with a neighbor but lately I feel such a sense of urgency about how I spend my time. Like I can’t WASTE any of it to chat about the irregular heating or if the elevator I’m in is going up or down.

That’s a red flag for me. If I actually feel like a person is wasting my time merely for being a nice human being, I’ve got to recalibrate myself. I can’t be so preoccupied that I can’t genuinely care to talk to someone, who isn’t a telemarketer, for more that a second.

I know it stems from having two little kids who always want a piece of me. I’m protective. I don’t want to give any more of myself than I have to. But that’s not really being a responsible human being. I don’t live in isolation (other than the fact that I haven’t seen a movie in the theatre since “Black Swan”). And I definitely don’t want my kids to catch a whiff of my occasional exasperation making small talk. I want them to see how people connect, outside of their little worlds.

In the wake of disasters such as the one that most recently ravaged The Philippines, it is even more important to find connection points. It propels our compassion, our decency, our humility. It is time well spent.

So, what would you like to talk about? 🙂


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