Dog Day Afternoon

As many can relate, whether you are a caregiver or not, there are days that are simply too much. Too much to do, let alone do well, too much to remember, too much for which to prepare. So you just throw it into 5th gear and go.

That was today. A full day’s work was compressed into 3 hours. Then it was half-day school pick-up, parent-teacher conference, sneak more work in, dance class pick-up, daycare pick-up, dessert negotiations (“No.” “Yes!” Repeat.) and a 2-hour annual co-op shareholders meeting under 90-degree conditions.

I am not complaining about the muchness of this day. Most of the events were quite pleasant, if not harried. I am only remarking on the “too muchness” because it almost led me, in my harried, scattered and “oh sh*t, I haven’t eaten yet” state to purchase these items for human consumption.



Yeah, that’s dog health food I almost bought to eat. Hey, the label makes it sound good for ANYbody.

I don’t have a dog, by the way. I had no idea they were so fancy.

Well, that was my day. And yours?


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