First Holiday Complaint of the Season!

This month’s pre-school Scholastic book catalog was a little disappointing. I get that it was thematically built around the holidays in the month of December, but note that I wrote “holidays – plural. As in, more than just Christmas. If you were to thumb through this flyer, you would see that there were books on only that one holiday.

Slim pickin's for holiday reading.

Slim pickin’s for holiday reading.

True – Chanukah is kicking off pretty early this year, overlapping with Thanksgiving, but it does run in to the month of December. And Kwanzaa is December 26 – January 1.

So why no books for kids whose holiday customs might not include a Christmas tree or Santa Claus? I counted 21 titles with the words “Christmas” or “Santa” in them. I gave the books with the word “holiday” in their titles the benefit of the doubt. For, while the cover illustration may depict a strictly Christmas-y scene, there could very well be mention of other holiday traditions. Case in point, Llama Llama Holiday Drama (which name drops “dreidels,” though the cover art capitalizes on a Santa hat and colors most often associated with Christmas).

I know there are books out there on holidays other than Christmas. We have a few. So why didn’t I see any in the flyer?

Guess we’ll be going with the holiday-neutral books about snow. But I suppose that would open a whole other can of worms if we lived in a warmer climate…

What gets YOUR feathers ruffled about the holidays?


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