Social Media Doesn’t “Get” Me

I’m pretty careful about how I use social media. I rarely complain about people in my life, and never by name. I try to be honest about the more gruesome side of parenting without presenting my children as hooligans. They are good people. It’s not their fault (usually) I can’t get the hang of motherhood all the time. And since I’m “friends” with everyone from my brother to my former boss, I don’t feel that social media arenas are appropriate forums to air any grievances or targeted praise, especially in thinly veiled posts that include the phrase “you know who you are.” My feeling is – if you want to send a message, send a message. To the person. Not to everyone else who is now wondering “Is she talking to me?”

Not all posts delight or entertain or inform or do something that benefits me, the reader. As a poster, I certainly am guilty of throwing up the “Look how cute my offspring is!” status. And then counting the likes. Hey, when you weren’t in the “it” crowd growing up, sometimes this satisfies.

I imagine posts like that may get hidden from people who really don’t care. And I totally get that.

Likewise, I occasionally hide others’ posts. Maybe I’m having a bad day, feeling sorry for myself, and reading a status about an exotic vacation or a pampering spa session does me more harm than good.

When I opted not to see a post of a “friend” (sorry for the quotes, but they are necessary when talking about the world of Facebook), I was then invited to take a survey:

Why don’t you want to see this?
  • I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook
  • It’s about me and I don’t like it
  • It’s spam
Well, actually, none of the above.
The poster absolutely had a right to share the status on Facebook. It wasn’t about me, nor was it spam.
But right now, Facebook can’t process any other reasons. Reasons that may have to do with posts I find boring or braggy or whiney or just not my cup of tea.
With social media platforms that are for-profit businesses, I am annoyed that our opinions and other deep thoughts that we share with our circles of friends and followers are being curated for us. I don’t think Facebook is going to be able to do a better job of giving me more suitable updates to read (they have been proving that with the sponsored posts). How are they to predict my mood? I’m not programmable.
Maybe it’s time to dust off the MySpace link…
Speaking of social media, follow me around on Twitter @LizaWyles

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