Falling Short

I fell short of my recent goal of posting every day of my vacation last week. I missed the last 3 days. But those last 3 days were hot and sunny and I was busy making memories with my kids. And then crashing hard at night (when laundry didn’t beckon). So while I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do, I did recognize that goals need to be tempered by what is truly at stake.

What's wrong with this picture? I've pacified my son by handing him a battering ram.

What’s wrong with this picture? I’ve pacified my son by handing him a battering ram.

I could have half-assed writing some posts when I was half asleep, but I didn’t. I could have made my kids wait, sweating off their sunscreen, while I proofed and added hyperlinks and then spent the next half hour after posting furiously refreshing my stats page to see how many views I was getting. But I didn’t.

And now I’ve gotten into the habit of posting more regularly (though not daily), and that is an improvement from where I started.

I have a mantra now. “Everything is an opportunity.” I feel pretty goofy, the last couple of days, reciting that in my head as I plod along, but it is true. I have to believe it to be true. Disappointment, especially in myself, is waiting at every turn. IF I choose to call it that. Simply changing my vocabulary is one step towards reframing any “issue” or “problem.” I didn’t post every day, like I wanted. I can be disappointed or I can be glad that I gave myself the opportunity to see what kind of posting schedule really works best for me, taking into consideration that I don’t get paid to do this and can’t dedicate the kind of time I do to paying gigs.

When life hands you wooden food...

When life hands you wooden food…

So, baby steps. Ironically, I realize I have to start taking them just when I look around to see that my babies are no more. There is a five-and-a-half year old and a three-year old living in our house. They are galloping through life, hurling unplanned challenges in my direction. I can be derailed, or I can look for the opportunities. It’s been challenging, but I’m forcing myself to do the latter.

Goals are good, if they lead to a better, sustainable version of you. When I discovered I hadn’t beaten myself up by missing my writing goal, that was a success. Not one that I planned, but one I can build on.

How are you dealing with curveballs after you put a plan in motion? Can they be redefined as opportunities?


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4 responses to “Falling Short

  1. Good for you Liza. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard myself say “Not now, Mom has to finish this post first.”

  2. Yes, you need to be flexible! Moms know this all too well and it’s the same with blogging!

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