Working Vacation

So when I say I’m on “vacation,” it is to say that we unplugged all our major appliances in our apartment in Queens while we stay with my parents in their Poconos house for the week. And thankfully, they have WiFi.

I’m still working. Scott’s still working. In fact, sometimes, sitting down in front of a computer to focus on something that isn’t alive, screaming for juice, is kind of nice. I don’t really hate Mondays for that reason.

It’s a little hard to truly be on vacation in the business I’m in. We’re in production on a show now. I have a crew in the field, shooting long days the entire week (including Independence Day) while I’m playing in the water and brushing sand off cantaloupe slices (crunchy, but still good!). 

I know the value of completely unplugging. And during the day, I really do. I check email once or twice, return a call and send myself reminders since I leave my stickie notes support system at the office. Blame the smartphone, but we should blame ourselves. We are making the conscious choice to be on call. But I make it clear to my colleagues that I am not in the office. I am with my family this week. And while I am not off the grid, I am not LOOKING for work. If need be, work could find me.

I know I’m lucky that I can make this arrangement for the next few days. I was able to schedule meetings until my return. Maybe something crazy urgent will pop up and I’ll need to address it. But I’m not anticipating that. I owe it to my family, and to myself, to be as present as possible during this vacation. It’s what I need in my arsenal of summer memories. I’ll be very old one day. And a memory like this could never be found on a stickie note:

That's my son, giving me a summer to remember.

That’s my son, giving me a summer to remember.

How do you treat your vacation?

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