I Wish I Had More Time!

No I don’t.

More time is what I THOUGHT I wanted. More time to get the pantry re-organized, squeeze another load of laundry in, do a bigger puzzle with the kids, write overdue thank you notes, revise the show budget for the network.

Turns out I just want more CONTROL over the time I have.

With my new gig as development head for a production company that’s in a nascent stage, I took a sizable pay cut. For now. I am developing a few show ideas and films and the series that was just greenlit is not yet in contract, so I’m not making very much. Yet. I knew this going in; the difference in pay from my corporate job is startling but here is what I’m getting in return:

  • A CHOICE of projects.
  • A forum to develop my own ideas and shepherd others’ utilizing my skills as a storyteller and an instinctive nurture.
  • An office way the f*ck south of midtown, thank you (yes, that makes a HUGE difference).
  • Flexibility, in the short term, with how much and where I choose to work.

In our start-up phase, it’s understood that there won’t be much money. So my new work partners are very understanding when I say: “Hey, I’ll be offsite the next two days. I can do calls before 3 if need be.” And then get some work tasks done, in between blog writing and bonus parenting that I didn’t get a chance to do while at my last job.

So today I’m scheduled to appear in Campbell’s Cupcakes Class to read “The Cat in the Hat” as part of his daycare’s monthlong celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

More Thing 2 than Cat, but still...

More Thing 2 than Cat, but still…

And I’m picking my daughter up from the bus and bringing her with me. Her kindergarten class honored the author last week.

Say "Seuss" because that will make for great mouth placement in the photo.

Say “Seuss” because that will make for great mouth placement in the photo.

I actually don’t prefer working from home. I’m not as productive because I’m trying to combine work and life projects. Multi-tasking kills. It’s why it’s illegal to text and drive. And like Ron Swanson says:

“Never half-ass two things. Whole ass one thing.”

So I do make a point to get to the office for meetings and to get sh*t done. But on days when I have a captive audience of 2-year-olds for storytime, or I just need a haircut, I’m happy to be at home. I’m trying to making it count now, because I DO want to work. I DO want to be busy with projects I’m passionate about. And I DON’T want to start worrying about money.

I have 3 ½ weeks of unused vacation time that I’m being paid out from my last job. So I guess I’m kind of using it now. Going on school trips, having morning coffee with friends I don’t get to see much, not having those knock-down, drag-out tussles with myself about how to spend the fleeting minutes.

Then it’s go time. Because I really can’t see myself getting into the pantry renovation. I’m just not that girl.

What’s YOUR ideal work schedule?



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4 responses to “I Wish I Had More Time!

  1. Laura K

    We should talk – changes on the horizon for our family too! 🙂

  2. Marnie

    Totally agree. I have been home full-time for about two and a half years now! I love being around for the boys, but I hate not being productive. I figured I would completely reorganize the house too, but it still has not happened. For now I keep myself busy with volunteer projects! Good luck with your new venture!

    • Marnie, I know what you mean. It’s important to find things that define us outside parenthood, I think. Thanks for the well wishes! Hope you are all well!

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