WTF was that LAST Wednesday?

My daughter’s 5th birthday.  That’s what.

Happy birthday to angel-for-a-day (trust me, it will never be more than that), Charlotte!

So, I didn’t get to post about anything weird I have crammed into the nether regions of my closets.

But today, I present to you THIS:

Got 1.5 year old milk?


Yes, that would be milk I pumped and froze back in May.  Of 2011.  It bums me out because if I had acted sooner, I could have donated it to a milk bank.  But I think, like hoarders of things without as much nutritional value, I’ve been holding on to this like I’ve holding on to the baby Campbell no longer is.  I stopped pumping when he turned one, in July 2011, though he continued to nurse til he was two.  That stopped this past summer.

And we could really use the freezer space.

What are YOU holding on to that your children have clearly outgrown?






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3 responses to “WTF was that LAST Wednesday?

  1. carol cate

    clothes, toys, dvd’s you name it, we’ve still got it

  2. “She’ll want it back one day,” is what you’re thinking, right? 🙂

  3. A full size mattress that I keep in my 2 year old’s room thinking maybe one of two things may happen–one day: 1. We’ll have baby 2.0 and I’ll want to use it in the baby room while the toddler takes refuge in our room or some other complex logic, 2. Baby who’s no longer a baby will move out for college and will take said mattress with him.

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