WTF is that Wednesday! (Friday Edition)

I had this post ready to go on Wednesday, but had to prioritize.  The aftermath of Sandy has been fierce.  People are still struggling without power, water or much contact with the world.  But I’ve been lucky, with all our amenities intact.  In between trying to work remotely, check in on those who are affected, collecting goods to donate for those who are lacking and keeping the sanity with kids who have been home all week, I wasn’t able to post this til today.

So, it’s Friday.  But these items were discovered in my underwear drawer on Wednesday:

1. Lamb’s wool (from toes shoes last worn in 1990)

2. $2 bill

3. A piece of cloth, onto which a scrap of paper with my name in sharp cursive was pinned.  I unfolded it and realized it was a challah cover my great-grandmother embroidered for me decades ago.

So, for those who are lighting candles tonight for the sabbath or simply for luminance while their power remains out, Shabbat Shalom.  Which translates to: “have a peaceful day off.”  As if.

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One response to “WTF is that Wednesday! (Friday Edition)

  1. Grace C. Fener-Markofsky

    Shabbat Shalom. Will send photos.

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