Taking it to the Bank

“Mom, can I have a paper money?” my almost 5-year-old asked when I told her we were stopping at the bank on the way to the playground.

“What do you need it for?” I asked.

“I want to buy money with it at the bank.  A lot of these.”  She held up a dime.

Indeed, ten shiny dimes were a lot more fun than a faded dollar bill.

“What will you do to earn your dollar?”

“What do YOU do to get money?”

“I work.  I do things my company needs me to do, and they pay me money for doing the job.  What job can YOU do to earn money?  Will you help me sort the laundry next time?”

“Yes!” Charlotte squealed.  “I can definitely do that.”  And she earned her dollar, which we then exchanged for ten dimes, which she asked me to hold while we were the playground, and would have stayed in my pocket had she NOT helped me sort the laundry, when they came tumbling out of my shorts as she was tossing them in the colors pile.

Ok, I think we need a better banking system.
Luckily there is one, designed for me to use WITH her.  PNC Bank’s “S is for Savings” program.

I don’t feel drilling down on the coin denominations would serve Charlotte best right now.  But I can start clueing her in on what role money plays in our lives (in good economic times and bad).

Searching for coins to add to her savings.

As I described in an earlier post, “S is for Savings” is PNC Bank’s online programming designed for kids and their caregivers.  It’s a fun, interactive way to introduce pre-schoolers to good financial habits.

Together, you and the little one can actually SEE money you deposit (that they’ve earned sorting laundry or received as birthday gifts) and put it in its designated jar: Saving, Sharing or Spending.

Tips from some fave Sesame Street characters make for an engaging atmosphere to learn the basics.  And yes, I mean mostly for me.

PNC is providing terrific guidelines to enhance how Scott and I are already helping our little achiever develop the right approach to money.

Log on here to get a demo and learn more:

Here’s hoping Charlotte doesn’t up her laundry sorting rate…

I was asked by PNC Bank to write this sponsored blog post.  I  would not partner with any sponsor whom I didn’t feel had a quality product my readers would be interested in.  I will continue to be a trusted resource in the blogosphere and only agree to write sponsored posts that are in line with my own best practices as a parent.


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