Change is Good Except When it Isn’t

For the past 3 years, I have spent the month of July re-calibrating my comfort level with all the changes June has brought.

In 2010, I was living out the last few days of pregnancy at the office til my boss BEGGED me to stop coming in after my due date of June 29.  And 3 days later, my son was born.

In June 2011, I stepped into a newly created position in my department and just had to figure it out…mostly by trial and error and much crying over a harsh re-introduction to advanced computing skills.  Simultaneously, my daughter left the only daycare she knew to start at a neighborhood camp and her transition was difficult.  Just as much crying.  In the same week, my son started walking, turned one and graduated from the infant room to the toddler room. I continued nursing but stopped pumping, which is when Campbell decided he actually DIDN’T like milk other than his mother’s.  And then the company my husband and I both worked for spun off into its own entity, surrounded by uncertainty.

A year later – June 2012 – the company is still standing, my daughter has graduated from Pre-K, and we moved our now 2-year old son to that same neighborhood camp.  Lots more change again.  We thought it would be easier to have both kids in one place for the summer.  And it IS, for me.  But Campbell is not napping, not letting Charlotte nap, since she’s always in sight, and is suffering lots of scrapes and bruises from trying to keep up with his big sister and 5-year old crowd she runs with.  He comes home overtired and impossible, with Charlotte lamenting how Campbell has no friends…just her.

But with just 6 more weeks of this daycare situation, we don’t see the point in changing AGAIN.  It’s me.  I can’t take that much change all at once.  Because in just 2 months, Charlotte starts kindergarten, and Campbell’s caregivers will want us to ramp up the toilet training.

And then, there won’t be a baby in the house anymore.

So I’m pumping the brakes hard this summer, just trying to make my favorite season last a bit longer before the seriousness of fall sets in.

How do YOU catch your breath when everything around you is changing?


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2 responses to “Change is Good Except When it Isn’t

  1. Wow, you said it Mama. Looking back, it’s hard to believe how much change we have “endured” (sorry, morning brain can’t come up with a more positive adjective), and yet there’s still so much more ahead. I compeletely understand wanting to stop time, like Evie on Out of this World!! (was anyone else watching that 80s tv show?) I want to savour every last morsel of time with our babies while their babies. Transitions are tough, but in a blink, Campbell’s gonna be the most popular kid, cracking jokes with his own posse, just like he did at LE. We miss him so much. P recounts his days activities and Campbell is still in his roster of friends: Bea, Campbell, Ezra, Tonio, Riley….

    • Aw! And every time we walk by your building, Campbell chants: “Pollock! Guitar Daddy!” I’m glad our comments will serve as a place to record these memories, b/c I sure as hell am not keeping up with my kids’ baby books!

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