Summer Activities that Grant You a Second Glass of Wine

We just got back from a week in the Poconos with the kids.  While the LIVING was easy this summertime (beach casual dressing, optional hairgrooming, no deadlines other than bedtime), I was always grateful to toast to the end of an action-packed day by the water.  And I never felt guilty about getting a refill after participating in some of these family vacation type of sports:

Sandcastle-building (that stuff is heavy when it’s wet)

“I’ll tell you where to dig, Daddy.”

Swim lessons with the kids, aka “Throw me Mommy!  Catch me Mommy!  I’ll race you Mommy!”

“How fast can you pull me, Mommy?”

Sunblock application, re-application, re-re-application and its removal from items other than flesh
Games that involve throwing items that need retrieval if not caught

More of a game of fetch, than catch.

Cherry pittance

Young vampires practice on pitted fruit.

Sand extraction from bags, towels, sandwiches, hair and skinfolds

“I don’t think Mom has enough of this in her bathing suit yet.”

The FIRST glass of wine

How relaxing do you find YOUR family vacations?

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