Proud to have a “Proudest Post”

My sardonic take on a mom diet was included in’s “Proudest Posts” round-up (slide #10).  And I’m flattered to be included!  Thanks Babble!


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3 responses to “Proud to have a “Proudest Post”

  1. Congratulations! Maybe this is the first step towards bigger things???? (And color me a leeetle bit envious, but that’s another story.)

  2. Thanks Jadz! I am hoping this will lead to bigger things (I’m trying!). Love your posts…pls keep writing! And just look for opportunities where you can. I just follow Babble on Twitter so when they ask for suggestions/contributions, I reply and apparently this can have a happy ending/beginning. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement! I would love to take my blog to “the next level” (which will require a redesign among other things, of course)–I’m going to check now to make sure that I am following Babble.

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