Why I’m Late to Work

This isn’t a time management piece about making your morning routine more efficient.  There are plenty of sites that  offer that advice.

This is about me cutting myself some slack when I’m a little late to work  (provided I don’t have a crucial appointment).  In fact, I’m going to stop calling it “late”  and start calling it “arranging my priorities.”  I realized that at the end of my life, nobody, including me, was going to care about my punctuality.  Especially my kids.  What’s going to be important to me, and what they will remember, is that in those few moments that bookend a crazy weekday, I made them a priority.

I need to be at the office by 10am, which, by the job parameters of most moms who work outside the home, is a pretty sweet deal.  Yet I rarely get in before 10:10.  Here’s what my morning looks like:

Anywhere between 5:40 – 6:15am – my alarm clock, named Campbell, wakes me up
6:15 – 6:45am or so – nurse Campbell, fool myself into thinking I can get a little extra shuteye, get repeatedly swatted by little affection-seeking pudgy hands; check email and Facebook while dodging aforementioned “lovetaps”
6:45 – 7:15am – play and/or change a dirty diaper (yes, it could take that long – the kid can run and is adept at hairpin turns)
7:15 – 7:45am – somewhere in there Charlotte stumbles out of bed, Scott wakes up and showers, the kids eat and I get my coffee made

7:45am – clean up disgusting, sticky aftermath of breakfast; receive equally sticky hugs and kisses
8am – hand the reins over to Scott
8 – 8:40am – shower and dress; what should take 15 minutes takes 40 since I’m fielding constant interruptions from a pre-schooler who wants to pick out my bra and a toddler who insists I am the only family member qualified to put on his socks.  I make their day by accommodating these requests.  I also make us late.
8:40 – 9am – run around gathering coats, lunches, kids, keys and cold coffee.  Get out the door, 10 minutes behind schedule

So let’s see, what can I cut here?  A mini playdate w/my son at sunrise?  A sitdown breakfast with both kids?  Refusing to let them in the bedroom door while I’m getting ready?  Getting fewer smiles and smooches?

I don’t think so.

How do YOU give time to your kids, when you have no time?

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  1. It’s SO true. I am actually impressed you run only 10 mins late. By the time I finally get out the door, I’m always like WHAT THE HELL TOOK ME SO LONG?! But yes, it is the constant wonderful interruptions. The juggle.

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