Riding in Strollers with Boys

My daughter is pretty girly, refusing to wear pants, obsessed with jewelry and requiring a head full of hair ornamentation.

Up until recently, she was adamently opposed to befriending boys.  She only wanted girl friends, and refused to hold a boy’s hand when she was partnered with one for her pre-school’s walk outside.

But this summer, when we switched her to a different daycare, her attitude changed.  Her new BFFs were all boys.  She came home singing songs Micah taught her and executing some dance moves like her pal Alexi.  When she started reciting some catchphrase that would only make sense to a 3 and a half year old (“Watch out for the freak-outs!”), it was because that was what ALL the boys were saying.

And then the burping started.  “The whole ride home,” our babysitter informed me one day, when Charlotte regaled me with her new talent.  At least she was excusing herself, over and over and over.

But as she now accepts these boys as her playmates, she still has one bejeweled ballerina flat firmly planted in her girly-girl world.  She is so excited to show her pre-K chums her heart necklace, but is confused when Nathan and Sam don’t share her appreciation for trinkets.  “Why don’t they like my headband?”  “Well,” I stalled, trying to find a simple explanation, “Not everyone likes the same things.”  She was bummed.  I wanted to tell her that she should be glad that her boy friends like her for who she is, not what she’s wearing.  I hope she’s still meeting guys like that years from now.

What are YOU noticing about your kids’ take on gender?  Anything interesting?

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